Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

corpses with words

The purple sun forced upon mighty clever dinosaurs testing the ground for the quantum jump.

The bunny hop includes foster care stamps and chomps and romps and rips his tickle out.

Green grass of copied cats meow a-bow wow chiquiti tan chiti que mono en mis susuwilis.

Drips of sweaty giggles all the time and sometimes unbound and unlatch from the primordial egg drop soup.

Crack the whip under swirls of feathered lacey mugs on cotton menacing hills.

Short beginning lead to slowly winning the reach around the square or octagon that’s double the square only cooler.

Plenty of different elements in radioactive synergic change of too many chicken egg sprangles.

Sometimes the can of chaos bundles semi sweet swirly hearts mailing out the software of the inner chair.

Liquid tender loins twist your neck spiraling around the smooth soft stump of the American dream.

Singular clouds could never be on the clever side of the spectrum of hope and glacier tears.

Clementine sugarbird droppings the sink of my fears of overtly happy steamy smoothie swigs.

Mountain singing for a soft tug and hug of slippery touches my cheeks of dragon scales.

exquisite #11111